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Palestinians launch #RubbleBucketChallenge to create awareness for suffering in #Gaza http://t.co/R8aOFpvbVc
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Anonymous sent: If you ever get to meet Jackson, what would you say to him? Hehe just curious.

i could probably not speak, bc ill faint and proceed to heaven


ill tell him about his perfections first tbh. jackson may not be saying this right in front of our faces but i know he’s a little insecure. being told about his body parts, his height, that his fellow members has a better body than his when he was confident enough of his own body. and prob that confidence burned down a little bc of those comments. im gonna tell him how handsome he is. how i wanna trail every finger of my hand on his face. his shining eyes, his adorable nose, his eyebrows, his cheeks, his very pink and glossy lips. his shiny and bouncy hair, his soft ears, his adorable and cute tongue. his forehead. id compliment him about his body as well tbh. how his arms make me go wild. how he does not need to lose weight and sacrifice his meals to please himself; his fans most of all.

and second, i want to thank him for his efforts. how sleep and rest deprived he is because yes we all know he’s the member who goes out of the public to bring got7’s name. like guest in variety show and do crazy stuffs and that will and surely will be misunderstood by few viewers i guess. not everyone likes jackson. maybe because they only see the “jackson wang” on tv. the funny, idiot and crazy one. not that person who up until now says “i love you” to his mother, who keeps fangifts and displays them on their dorm, on his room. who held a fan’s hand in the middle of their performance during the dream concert, who said i love you too to a fan in malaysia, who talked to a kid who wanted ice cream as well, WHO SACRIFICED HIS LOVE SINCE HE WAS 10 to reach his dreams.

just you know, tell him how awesome and admirable he is. that we, fans who love him, does not only see “jackson wang” but sees “jackson” the sweet, charming, and loving jackson. how we appreciate every effort he does to make his fans happy. who may be teasing his fellow members but cheers for them and stays for them and treats them as his family. that he changed us and taught us. that sometimes to reach high and succeed, we must need to sacrifice a big thing. i have never been inspired of someone’s life story before. because remember, he left fencing forever.

and most of all, for being who he is. not pretending to be someone else just to please the crowd. for existing, i want to thank him. i have never held someone so valuable to me before. i have loved a lot of celebrities, but not as much as i love jackson. i’ll tell him that. that i love him. and i may know been here since day 1, i’ll be there for him forever. in every bad rumor, in every bad news, in every bad part of his life, every little insecurity he has, i’ll be there for him.

and ill never stop loving him.

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